Welcome to sculptasite.com

Sculptasite is here to help you. We aim to help you create the perfect website, either by helping you with our free guides, or by working with you to develop your perfect website.

Our services include full website design or re-design, website maintenance, blog design and integration and social media setup and integration.

All of our services come with free search engine optimisation (SEO) as standard. Pricing varies depending on complexity and scale of projects, however our prices are incredibly reasonable.

We primarily use WordPress as a content management system as we find this to be the best solution for our clients, however we can work with other technologies if required.

Why WordPress?

We are are often asked why we choose WordPress as a content management system for the websites we build, whether for individual clients or businesses. The reasons are simple:

  • Excellent built-in SEO
  • Powerful blogging capability
  • 100% customisable
  • Streamlined management
  • Incredibly user friendly
  • Browser-based, accessible from anywhere
  • Multiple user support, providing full accountability and ability to assign different roles
  • No HTML editing or FTP software necessary
  • Complete control over your site, no dependence on developers after initial setup
  • Powerful plugins are available to tailor your site to your needs
  • Totally scalable, allowing your website to grow with your needs
  • Easy, efficient media management
  • Effective social media integration

Our Portfolio

Black Tom's Bar & Bistro
Black Tom's is a fine dining restaurant in West Perth, Australia. The objective here was to replace the old, outdated website, with something much more user-friendly and customisable within a very short timeframe. It also needed Dimmi integrated into the website to facilitate more bookings. This website was completed in July 2015.
Witch's Hat Backpackers
The Witch's Hat is one of the best hostels in Perth, Australia. It has frequently won awards for being the best hostel in Western Australia. The property is a listed building and so the website was designed to reflect this, tending to be understated and elegant, while showcasing the many awards that this hostel has won. This website was designed with the primary goal of increasing the number of direct booking that the hostel was obtaining, in an attempt to minimise commission payments to OTAs. On top of this, it needed to have full social media integration and be user-friendly for those without technical knowledge to administer. This website was completed in July 2015.

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